LED Chip versions

Which version do you have?


Here at IstoriaLED we use Epistar chips in our LED's to produce our high quality light output.

Different chip versions produce different light outputs, the higher the chip version the more light will be produced.

As an example a G3 bulb carrying 5 LED's will produce 425 lumens, the same bulb in a G9 version will produce 700 lumens.



G3 = 75 - 85  lumens per individual LED

G5 = 90 - 100 lumens per individual LED

G7 = 100 - 120 lumens per individual LED

G9 = 120 - 140  lumens per individual LED


* For an explanation of lumens please see our lumens page


Return on investment

Switching to IstoriaLED lighting can give you a return on your investment in under 12 months.