LED colour walkthrough

The image bellow shows what our 5 LED colours look like when put against a white wall in a dark room. Before ordering any lamps please make sure you carefully consider which colours will suit your environment.


IstoriaLED colours against white wall


As you can see the colour changes from a very yellow light, very similar to a standard halogen all the way to a very bright pure white light.


Colours by numbers...

This is how our LED colour grading works, the K stands for kelvin and the lower the kelvin the closer to yellow, the higher the closer to white.

  • Warm White 2700K +
  • White 3500K +
  • Cool White 4500K +
  • Daylight 5500K +
  • Cool Daylight 6500K +


We hope reading our LED colour walkthrough has helped you in choosing the right light.