LED Problem Solving

These are a few common issues we have come across when using LED lighting in the past, please follow manufacture instructions when testing or installing fittings.


Colour rendering

  • The colour of light displayed by an LED can be affected by its environment as it can pick up underlying colours. As an example LED's that have a white colour put next to a brown/dark grey coloured wall can pick up green undertones in the wall.



  •  LED's MUST be installed on there own system, they cannot be on the same system as halogens, florescence or other lamp types as they may be affected by power surges caused by these lamps. As an example a starter firing up a fluorescent lamp can cause LED's to blow.



  • Specific LED dimmers may be needed to dim LED lamps, these dimmers have a very low minimum load apposed to standard dimmers allowing them to dim LED's.
  • Remote dimmers switches can sometimes consume the energy going to the bulb, in these cases you may see a significant drop in normal brightness. Some have been reported to reduce brightness by up to 10%.
  • Some dimmer switches hold residual power, and over a period of time this power can charge the lamp causing it to flash on.



  • A flickering LED lamp is more often than not caused by its surrounding fixture and fittings. Items that may not be compatible can make a big difference in the lamps performance i.e. a non-compatible dimmer switch, old/faulty wiring, having different types of lamps on the circuit can all cause LED lamps to flicker. Wherever possible try to use the correct components to reduce this risk.



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