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A Frequently asked question: Why are LED's more expensive?

Answer: Actually …they are NOT!


For example: If you were to change ten of your regular 50W halogen spotlights with ten of our equivalent strength 4.4W LED spotlights. Our IstoriaLED lights will cost you £20 each. A halogen light will cost you £2.00. Each LED light lasts for 50,000 hours. An average halogen will last for 2000 hours before it fails and has to be replaced. So, over the 50,000 hours you will need 250 (25 x 10) halogens (costing £500 in total) or alternatively 10 LED's (costing £200).


The initial buying price is one thing, the running cost is another. To run each halogen requires 50Watts and to run each IstoriaLED takes only 4.4Watts. Today’s average domestic electricity price is around 12p/kWh. So over 50,000 hours the cost of running the halogens will be around £3,000 and the cost of running the LED's will be £264. That is a saving of over 90%.


In total you will spend £3,500 (£500 + £3,000) buying and running your halogens. If you replace them with our IstoriaLED bulbs you will spend only £464 (£200 + £264) in all saving over 85%


With 10 fittings over 50,000 hours, you will save over £3,000 at today’s prices by replacing each 50W halogen spotlight with an IstoriaLED G9 LED buying 4.4w 


…and they are environmentally friendly (less electricity means less carbon) and safer (they don’t bu to the touch).


A normal incandescent bulb will use between 95-98% of its power input to generate heat, only between 2-5% power to generate light. This means that the majority of your lighting bill is actually being lost in heat transfer.


Our bulbs only heat up to a maximum temperature of 55° meaning you lose very minimal power input to heat. They are extremely well ventilated so you can barely feel any heat emitting from the bulb.


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Both homes and businesses could be saving up to 85% on their lighting bill by switching to IstoriaLED.


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Switching to IstoriaLED lighting can give you a return on your investment in under 12 months.


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Helping you to lower your carbon footprint—Proven energy savings of up to 85% with IstoriaLED lighting.


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