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"We opened in 2005 & have grown quickly & steadily too. Presentation has always been one of the most important aspects for our business. We create top quality highly finished patisserie, along with a whole range of other very visual food products. The way our shops look & the lighting that is in place plays a huge part in this. Lighting in  particular has been hugely important, having lights in place that look  good just as much as lighting the product properly has been  essential...We have always traditionally used halogen spots to help us  do this, the crisp clean light has worked very well within our stores,  but the life of the units, cost of running & even the heat that they create have all been very negative points, particularly in a commercial environment.

The number of lights we were going through was phenominal (over a hundred bulbs a month at one point), we even had to employ the use of an electrical contractor to keep up to speed with the replacement of bulbs. Our operations suffered, constantly the odd light bulb which had burnt  out plagued our stores. Negatively impacting the image we were working so hard to create. Additionally with the increases in electricity costs, we searched very seriously for a decent alternative. We did not want to go the expense of replacing all the fittings so a retro fit LED bulb seemed like the ideal solution. 

IstoriaLED were a natural choice, good quality & light output that was high enough not to impact the visuality of the stores. Despite the initial increase in individual unit cost from the halogen spots, they  have been a massive saving. Since we started installing them last year, we have not had to replace one bulb. Just in supply of bulbs a huge saving, let alone the electricity usage which has dropped off a cliff.

All round they have been a winning choice and a definate change in the way we light our business as we move forward..."

Igor Bekaert

- Managing Director of Belguiqe

"Before Instalation of IsoriaLED bulbs, the products were chewing up the light.  Now they have a more directional light which highlights and pin points the products.  The shops are much cooler, creating a better customer experience and most importantly Kate Kuba has saved a fortune!"

- Director of Kate Kuba

“As a hair salon, the dryers are always on, heating up the place, then the air conditioning is on to cool it back down. Now we have a perfect solution, cool running LED lights, less energy, less overheads, and we are saving the planet, I recommend IstoriaLED to everyone. Customers don’t complain its too hot, and the staff who are under the light all day are much more comfortable”


- Owner of MP4


After trying a few different LED makes including a few of the "BIG" brands i took the plunge with IstoriaLED. I bought one for testing and was blown away with the quality of light from these lamps, i have now changed all of my downstairs lights to IstoriaLED and i couldnt be happier. Well worth trying. 

- Dan Kettering


I have had these in for about 2 months now, its noticably cooler in our shop and as they use such little power we can now leave them on our displays 24/7. Really product.

- Sam Jennings


These bulbs are great if you, like me have kids that turn on every light in the house and never switch them off! Reduce your bills? Reduce your stress levels more like it! Thanks IstoriaLED

- Becky Anderson


These are the only GU10 led's i've tried that are the same size and have the same amount of light as normal halogens. Others have much longer bodies so they dont fit into my fittings or have rubbish light output.

- Christov Stanic


We are really impressed at how close the colour is to normal halogens. Normaly leds have a really blue tint when on.

- Julie Walker


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