Why IstoriaLED

A Good led lamp must have a high Colour rendering index (CRI), High lumen output, low temperature, and be extremely efficient.

This isn’t always easy to achieve because high lumen output is normally associated with high temperature which affects the CRI and ultimately the longevity of the lamp.

At Istoria led we make sure our Led chips are the newest and the most efficient on the market. This ensures that our lamps maintain a high lumen output whist’s also maintaining a low running temperature.

All our lamps are tested in the UK at a dedicated lab which measures the temperature, lumen output, CRI, and power factor.

These tests are run over a long period of time to make sure that its performance are consistent and stable. Some Led lamps degrade very quickly and some degrade over time, with the colour and brightness slowly fading and changing.



  • UK photometric testing reports
  • Extensive guarantees with our lamps from the day you order them.
  • Free lighting consultancy
  • Passes EMC (Not always the case with a lot of Led Lamps)
  • Passes L1 & L2 building regulations with regards the efficiency. 
  • On-going help and support with your projects.










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Both homes and businesses could be saving up to 85% on their lighting bill by switching to IstoriaLED.


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Switching to IstoriaLED lighting can give you a return on your investment in under 12 months.


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